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Celebrating 20 Years of Westar

Post Date:11/19/2019 12:30 PM

November marks the 20-year anniversary of the completion of the Maxtown Road/Polaris Parkway extension that effectively opened Westar, then known as the “941 Corridor,” for business.

To see it today, with its bustling activity of medical offices, high-end amenities, corporate headquarters and exciting development, it’s difficult to conceive of a time when Westar was only tracts of farmland a few decades ago. It wasn’t until the City annexed the 941-acres of undeveloped land and made the subsequent $30 million investment to extend road networks and other infrastructure to this area that the groundwork for what would ultimately ignite the Westar we know today would start to take shape.

“Westar is truly a case study in smart, intentional planning and strategic execution. City leaders saw the potential for this area decades ago and we continue to improve upon and shepherd that vision into reality,” said City Manager Dave Collinsworth. “That intentionality and follow-through exemplifies what we call ‘The Westerville Way.’”

With recent developments like the Renaissance hotel, Central Ohio Physicians Care (COPC) headquarters and the impending opening of the DHL’s new North American headquarters, Westerville's permitting approval process continues to meet today's demands of business. COPC’s new headquarters was completed in just 15 months and DHL is on track to do the same.

“A healthy, thriving business community in Westerville benefits the residents because it drives our income tax base, funding critical City services,” Collinsworth said.

This area of the City is now home to thousands of jobs and millions in income-tax dollars. Look for more announcements about Westar developments at


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