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Planning & Development

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The Westerville Planning and Development Department is an important resource for both new and existing businesses. Comprising the planning, building and engineering divisions, this department can provide direction on nearly every aspect relevant to your business.

The Planning and Zoning Division, Boards and Commissions

The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for planning current and long-range land use in the City of Westerville. Current planning typically involves reviewing plans for new office, commercial, and residential development to ensure that they meet Zoning Code requirements, but includes other application types as well (e.g., conditional uses and parking variances in the Uptown area). Long-range planning typically assumes a broader scope and time frame. The Division is also responsible for ensuring that existing development remains compliant with the Zoning Code, such as meeting requirements regarding lawn care and landscaping.

In carrying out its responsibilities, Planning and Zoning staff provide technical guidance to three City boards: Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Uptown Review Board.

  • The Planning Commission is generally responsible for reviewing new development, projects, or uses in the city.
  • The Board of Zoning Appeals is responsible for hearing requests to vary from the standards of the Zoning Code (e.g., setbacks).
  • The Uptown Review Board is responsible for reviewing changes in Westerville’s architectural review district, which generally encompasses this historic Westerville area.

Planning and Development Department

Boards and Commissions: Information and Agendas

Parcel Information

A wealth of knowledge is available about property in the City of Westerville. Find information specific to Westerville, such as zoning categories, from Westerville's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team. For information pertaining to specific parcels, such as market and assessed value, date and amount of latest sale, and tax distribution, please visit the respective the County Auditor's website:

Looking for available properties? Check out our interactive map!

Zoning Code

The City Planning and Zoning Code can be found in Part Eleven (Titles One, Three, and Five) of the City Codified Ordinances. To access online, click here. You will be redirected to a third-party site (American Legal Publishing Corporation). Select "Frames" to advance, then select the appropriate section in the Table of Contents along the left side of the screen.

Permits and Forms

The exact needs of your business, whether you are simply relocating to an existing space and need something as simple as a new sign or are building from the ground up, will determine the permitting process, time frame, and necessary forms. To establish which permits and forms you need to complete, contact the Westerville Planning Department at (614) 901-6650.